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=  As our official spokesperson Senator Ray Haynes (R- Ca)
saw the need to step up and try and find a way to help. With his guidance and generous support we can make a difference in the lives of so many people here in the Philippines.. Ray is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Riverside Youth Service Center, and is past Chairman of the Moreno Valley Community Assistance Program--an organization dedicated to providing food and gifts to the communities' underprivileged families and children at Christmas. Now he has raised the bar again and will help in the fight for survival among these forgotten people. Most of us know him from his tireless services as a California Senator. Email: or by mobile 916.709.9781 / Fax 951.684.4550  or contact here

All of our group is totally made up of volunteers. We receive no salaries and gladly give of our time and resources freely.
Below are some contacts if you want to help us solve this deadly problem. As you can see this town in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines on the river bank is no life for small children much less adults. We have identified and checked out several reliable ways you can help.

Project coordinator-
John Alden
Managing Director for Premiere Media Group
Contact herel Click Here
John is a hands on person and is one of the photographers and video pros that uncovered this serious situation. He is currently looking for companies that can help ship clothing, food and medical aide to the Philippines. If you have a will to help then John can find a way to use your skills, assets, and make a better world for these kids.

Here are direct resources on the scene. They are on the frontline. They live and breathe the day to day struggle of these unfortunate kids. Contact them direct and see how you can make a difference. 

Pastor Chris Calalang-
Clark Field Baptist Church
Pastor Chris - +6392090906638

Glen Oyan
Youth Pastor
by email -

Norman Haynes
Manila Exploration Co. LTD
Norman already twice per week has a group that hands out clothing, food, soap and other necessities on a regular basis-
He is an excellent contact that is close to the poor of the region.
Ph- 0915.789.9508
 or  045.892.0047
Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines

I would suggest that if you have the time, go see for yourself. It will touch your heart in ways you never dreamed possible. We have local police to escort you around the poverty so you can see up close and personal the individual struggle for these people to stay alive. The time is now and the need is real.
PhotosHear Our Song for these kids - more info - Contact Us