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Recently I attended a function in China and a friend told me about the extreme poverty in a place that once housed thousands of US service men and women in several wars. Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Station were home to hundreds of thousands of US citizens. When the bases closed shop and a nearby volcano erupted in 1991, devastation consumed the lives of countless locals left behind after years of dependency on US spending on their island. The photos you see here were taken in a poverty stricken area that was built down in the flood plane of a nearby river because it is the only land available for homeless people to live since it floods quickly and regularly. Total lack of any sanitation facilities and raw sewage dumped daily into these homeless peoples backyard makes this a guaranteed disaster. Look into your heart and help us help these kids. Thanks - John Alden
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How you can help!
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These photos are just a sample of what these people face daily.
Look into the eyes of these children and your heart will guide you from there.
Thank you for your time and I hope you will find a way to
make a difference in a fast and furious world. Abandoned. Forgotten. Helpless.
Photos - How To Help - Hear Our Song for these kids - more info - Contact Us